Sliders 004 Slider designs. (x 1)


Select sole colour: Blue
Colour 1: Light grey
Colour 2: Cherry Red
Colour 3: Light grey
Colour 4: Blue
Colour: Light Blue
Artwork check: True
Personalisation location 1: True
Remove LAXN logo on each pair: True
Personalisation location 2: True
Select font: Arial
Font size: 40


Production Order Ref: 122699797

Sliders Slider designs 004

Select sole colour Blue ( #002A4C)

Size Sku Quantity
EU44-45 (UK9.5-10.5) EU44-45 1

Colour 1 Light grey ( CCCCCC)
Colour 2 Cherry Red ( #C40000)
Colour 3 Light grey ( CCCCCC)
Colour 4 Blue ( #1A4593)
Colour Light Blue ( #39aeeb)
Artwork check false
Key Image Download
Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
text-key-example The Original Surfer #FFFFFF #7600ff 3.9px 0
text-key-example Greatest Original Surfer #FFFFFF #7600ff 2px 0
text-key-example Philosopher DR Joseph Original Surfer #FFFFFF #7600ff 2.1px 0
Personalisation location 1 false
Remove LAXN logo on each pair false
Personalisation location 2 false
Select font Arial
LAXN logo colour ( #4b0819)
Font size 40
Font colour


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