It’s a unique way of bringing the team together in the new term, a great ice breaker for the new comers.

Comfortable, trending and wearable all year round!

Let us create designs for you!

Every pair can be personalised for each player or student!

Get your stash on trend with LAXN.
  1. Send your club logo
  2. Our team designs for you for free
  3. Pick your favourite design
  4. We print and bring your ideas to life!

Emails us at or (Mabel is our University accounts contact)


Shops and online stores

Ideal to sell in the Uni sports shops or the SU online shop with no hassle or admin, we do all the work for you. To find out more please get in touch.

With just a click of the button you could be rocking some customised sliders or flipflops!

Let us do everything

We design them, we make them, and you and your teams wear them with pride!


Option 1 - Bulk buy

Bulk buy and sell in your shop.

  • Hold stock to sell to students
  • Great prices

Option 2 - No risk, just profit

Add your agreed Uni design to either your online shop or ours.

Then as they are ordered by students, we are automatically notified (we have a plugin for eCommerce stores so we get automatic notifications), we make them to order, and send then out.

  • No stock required = no risk
  • If they are purchased we get notified automatically = no administration or staff time.
  • If ordered you make a profit with no risk or cost.
  • When ordered we make them and send them either to your shop so they can be collected or direct to the student.
  • No minimum order - single pairs with personalisation.

Option 3 - share our details

Share our details with clubs and societies on campus so they can get in touch and design their own.

  • team specific designs;
  • no minimum order;
  • hassle free.