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Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and when it comes to flip flops and sliders different people like to wear them in different ways.

Some people like to wear them so the foot is right up to the edge or even just hanging over the edge, whereas others like to wear them so there is at least a centre-meter from the edge of the foot to the edge of the flip flop. 

With this in mind we've provided some information below regarding our sizes. 

Slider sizes

These come in 6 sizes. 

EU UK Length
34-35 1.0-3.5 23.0cm
36-37 4.0-5.0 24.0cm
38-39 5.5-6.5 25.0cm
40-41 7.0-8.0 26.0cm
42-43 8.5-9.0 27.5cm
44-45 9.5-11.0 28.5cm
46-47 11.5-12.0 30.0cm
48-49 12.5-14.0 31.5cm

Flip flop sizes

These come in 4 sizes. 

Description  EU UK Length
Small 37-39 3.5-5.5 25cm
Medium 40-42 6.0-8.0 27cm
Large 43-45 8.5-10.5 29cm
X-large 46-48 11.0-13.0 31cm



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